Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SORRY it has been so long

Jake is HOME!!!

He was back in the hospital over the weekend for another bleeder, but is doing fine now. He seems to love school and they seem to love him-- SUCH a change from the local district where Joey goes-- It is all they can do to deal with him each day. That is a WHOLE different blog- and/or lawsuit-

Mary is also back to work as cash flow was getting pretty ugly-- so a day is:

Jake is up with Mom (thanks)-- it's been in the 6-7am range
7am I'm up with the other boys
Joey and Matt bath and shower
Cook Breakfast(we are on a BIG breakfast kick with hash browns, sausage, eggs and toast)
Em or Catie up to help with Jake
Mary to work at 7:30
8a Joey's bus
Some "Monkey George" with Jake-- Matt catches up on scores with sportscenter in his room
8:30 Bus for Matt and Jake
School for James
Work for me
Break for groceries and any other household needs around 10a
back to work for me and james
Matt and Jake off Bus at 3:30, Joey at 4
If I was smart, dinner was done before they got home--- if not---- YIKES-- cook and keep Jake safe!!

So far so good----

I have video on my phone and on the camera but no connection on this computer--- arrrgh hopefully tomorrow

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  1. So glad Jake is doing better!! That name fits him perfect. We just love this little guy and are so glad you all are his forever family!!
    Give that little guy a big hug for us...