Sunday, March 7, 2010

jake pics


YUMMY Cheezy Poofs

Thursday, March 4, 2010

it has been too long!

Hey everyone!

a quick update and some photos. I write you bleeding from my face and arms where Jacob (Milos) has decided to inflict pain. That said, he is really doing MUCH better.

Suggestions from Mary's online friends and our psychologist here have helped make a BIG difference.

Jake lets us play with him, kiss him and snuggle without inflicting serious pain on us (usually). He likes Mary to swaddle him and rock him and this usually calms him down.

Between his issues and regression in Joey, Mary has had to go back on family leave and I am afraid she will need to quit her job as staff nurse at a local agency that cares for adults with disabilities. That will make the budget really tight but there really is no other option.

There are so many things we did not expect with Milos--- We were not told the truth about his status-- but that said, it does not matter-- even if we knew the truth we would still have decided to bring him into our family. Our other international adoptions were perfect-- the kids were exactly what we expected (or more).

Something is up in Serbia and we would urge anyone planning an adoption from there to be aware that what you are told many not be quite true. These kids are neglected - the orphanages have the money but not the love or supervision.

Our kids from Ukraine, where there was NO money, had love. These poor kids in Belgrade have nothing.

please pray for these kids---

They need it