Friday, January 22, 2010

say Ahhhhhhhhhh

WOW --- where to start---

Milos (Jake) went into the hospital on Tuesday to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. We figured he would be in overnight but did not NOT expect what was next!

His oxygen levels kept going down when he slept (something we assumed based on his breathing at night in the crib next to us)-- so he needed to stay another night--fine-- the next day while Milos and Mary are strolling the halls at the hospital he starts bleeding from the mouth-- A LOT-- They rushed him into the exam room and determined he has a bleeder that they cannot stop-

Milos was rushed into surgery to stop the blood loss. In 30 minutes he lost 25% of his blood--- were we at home he would have bled out and died-- Thank God for the low sats and the extended hospital stay-- it saved his life!

Today he is feeling better but the docs think he has an abnormality in his aorta that is causing him to have trouble breathing and eating---

They would like to wait until he heals to do the tests to confirm, but if his O2 levels do not improve they may need to do it now.

Milos is out of immediate danger, but had a lot ahead of him--

Please keep him in your prayers--- I can't help but think with his limited English that this little guy has to wonder what the heck we are doing to him-- and why--

I trust that one day he will understand and appreciate the love and care---but right now we just want to make him safe and comfortable

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  1. OH MY,
    We will say many prayers for you all. We sure hope Milos gets better very soon. He is such a cutey..